Treating minor burns with tea tree oil

29th Jun 2012

As those who spend a lot of the time in the kitchen will know, despite being classified as 'minor', small burns and blisters can still be painful, uncomfortable and just plain unsightly.

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to cook meat over a high heat only to be attacked by oil splatters, or that feeling of touching a piping hot casserole dish by accident.

Yet chefs, bakers and food lovers will attest that no matter how careful you are, sometimes there's no avoiding minor burns when you work in close proximity with an oven.

And while you should always seek medical advice if the blisters are serious, you may like to know that tea tree oil can help with the healing process.

Don't reach for your essential oils cabinet just yet, though - before applying tea tree, you still need to go about treating the burn the old fashion way by placing it under ice or cold water for at least ten minutes.

If the burn gets infected or irritated, you can apply a little pure tea tree oil directly to the area with a cotton bud. 

An antiseptic and antibacterial, tea tree should help ward off any further infections, leaving you safe - as you'll ever be - to reenter the kitchen.


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