Using tea tree oil for cleaning around the home

12th Jun 2012

The last few years have seen more people become concerned about what additives go into the products that they bring into their home.

From artificial flavours and sweeteners in packaged and processed foods to the chemicals found in many commercial cleaners, some are worried that we are exposing ourselves and our families to substances that may not be good for our health.

This is causing many to go back to the ways of our mothers and grandparents, choosing to grow our own food in vegetable gardens, shop at farmers' markets and use natural products around the house for cleaning.

Tea tree oil is a particularly effective natural cleaner as it has strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties - which may explain why it has been such an essential in your average Aussie cupboard for so many years.

For a simple solution, you could mix approximately two teaspoons of the oil with some water and a splash of citrus to create a sweet smelling spray. This is great to use on tables, bench tops and other household surfaces.

Another popular combination is tea tree oil and sea salt - this can make a scrub, good for removing stubborn stains in the shower or on your bathroom floor.


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