Using tea tree oil to prevent head lice

29th Jun 2012

No matter how much you love your kids, dealing with head lice is never a pleasant experience - and chances are, when they bring a head full of nits home, you would much rather stay as far away from this as possible than pick the critters out one by one.

The things we do for our children!

When our kids are at primary school, they are more prone to coming home with head lice, due to the close proximity they play with others.

Most parents have to deal with this dilemma at least once in their lifetime, while others find that it is a recurring experience.

But what if there was a way that you could prevent head lice from getting into your child's hair in the first place?

Some people find that spraying a little tea tree oil into their kids' hair or hat before they go to school is a great way to repel the critters from setting up home.

And when one of your children has head lice, putting a few drops of tea tree oil in the bath can help prevent the nits from spreading.

However, even with the best precautionary methods in place, sometimes lice can be persistent. In these situations, try using a gel containing tea tree oil to help get rid of them for good.


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